best book on nomads}
best book on nomads

This Is The Best Book I’ve Ever Read On Modern Nomads

Vasily Simon Myazin , August 18th, 2022

There are a lot of books about traveling the world.

And I've read a lot of them. I enjoy learning about other travelers whose achievements in traversing the world are far beyond what I can imagine.

But the best book on extreme traveling I've found is Mad Travelers by Dave Seminara.

For a few reasons:

  • Reason #1: It casts light on the fact that some of us can't stop traveling. If you are like that, it'll help you find comfort in knowing you're not alone.

  • Reason #2: It exposes fanatical travel addiction for what it is. "An addiction is when the negative consequences of a behavior outweigh the positive ones."

  • Reason #3: It explores genetic reasons why some people are extremely compelled to travel all the time until they die.

  • Reason #4: It tells a gripping story of a sociopathic extreme traveler / scam artist who goes through great lengths to reach far corners of the Earth. It's about insatiability and deception.

  • Reason #5: It shares captivating insights about the society of stamp collectors, an elite group of travelers who spend their lifetimes going to every country in the world. When they run out of countries, they go for every US state, every Russian oblast, every Polish voivodeship. The journey never stops.

The book combines memoir, science, and philosophy-based observations.

"I aspire to be more rooted, but at heart, I'm a drifter and there's no use in pretending otherwise." — Dave Seminara

If you are interested in perpetual traveling and being a modern nomad, I highly recommend this outstanding book.

And if you've read it, what did you think of the author's viewpoint?

What other book would you recommend on this subject?

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