Who Is Vasily?

It’s time to unveil the person behind the name

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Born in Lipetsk, Russia in the decade of the sunsetting of the Soviet Union Vasily spent his formative years in creative environments. Surrounded by writers, artists, designers, programmers he was bound to be on the crossroads of creativity.

Vasily embodies the idealistic age of yore and the pragmatic fast-paced new era of rapidly developing technology. Naturally curious he connects the dots between tribal mysticism, applied phylosophy, wide-range frequency beats and graphical user interface.

Yes, he does feel a bit odd describing himself in third person.

Creative, Thoughtful, Motivating

In terms of labels (or #hashtags): world traveler, digital (no)mad, techie, design nut, musician, rookie philosopher, mentor for those who are stuck.

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Vasily's Photo

Vagabonding & Galavanting

After moving to the USA from Russia in 2002, I lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, with short stints in a number of other US cities.

I began traveling more regularly in 2016, and visited Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Thailand, Japan among others.

I made a lot of friends along the way and became deeply interested in cultures and languages I came into contact with.

Social Media

"If you have to wonder about it, choose to trust your intuition."

Creative Outlets

Since I was 3 years old I was into drawing using a variety of mediums: pen sketching, ink, markers, color pencials, watercolors, goache, acrilics, and eventually iPad with a digital pen (my current method). See more on @details_sketchy on Instagram.

In years 2002-2013 I actively produced music in the style of psy-trance under the moniker Konflux (YouTube).

2012-2017 I had a project called Synter dedicted to a house/techno + electro/trance blend of genres.

How Can I Help You?

With my life experience I can inspire you to:

  • travel
  • work remotely
  • learn a new language
  • learn to create podcasts
  • kick the habits that don’t serve you
  • reinvent yourself
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