Simon reminisces with a painted man}
Simon reminisces with a painted man

The Best Piece Of Advice I Was Given About Gratitude

Vasily Simon Myazin , August 28th, 2022

When I was 13, my dad's friend, Mr. Valeri, gave me an unforgettable piece of advice.

I was just starting to get interested in social dynamics and had been wearing myself out trying to attain equilibrium in interpersonal relationships. But, like most early students of life, I was making a lot of mistakes: I wanted to be acknowledged at all costs, I tried to control what other people thought (of me), and I desired to feel good about myself 100% of the time.

Until one day, Valeri said to me:

"Never expect gratitude from others."

That day, my whole life changed.

He broke it down for me, and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

If you don't expect people to be thankful to you for all the good things you do for them, you have no reason to be disappointed when they fail to thank you.

Not expecting gratitude frees you up from acting using purely selfish motives. Helping others solely for the purpose of earning their goodwill is no longer your goal.

Most importantly, no longer do you worry about not being appreciated. There's no sense of incompleteness after each act of goodness. If you receive gratitude, it's great. If you don't, it's also okay. You don't need to be upset.

Have you ever felt the weight of ungratefulness? Resentment and expectations cause you to damage relationships?

Leave a comment below... and thank you. :)

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